About us

In 2013, Kanmo Group set up the first Justice store in Indonesia and since then Justice has helped many Indonesian tween girls to express their self-confidence through fashion.

The hottest fashions and accessories for tween girls (age 7 to 14) at affordable prices can only be found at Justice. Through Justice stores, tween girls experience leading fashions that help them look and feel great. To us, there's nothing better. Oh, mom loves Justice too. Confident. Fashionable. Affordable. Yes, that's Justice.

Our girl feels special when she walks into a Justice store. Crossing the threshold, she is immersed in an energetic environment where hottest fashion is brought to life. Justice stores are the global destination of choice for tween girls, and with good reason. Our merchandise sets the trends that keep tween girls fashionable—and, even better, feeling self-confident.
To make things better and more exciting, Justice Indonesia launched www.shopjustice.co.id in 2018, so we can be there 24/7 for all our best friends.