Meet Bo the Llamacorn

In the land of Unitely, where applenanas sprout and koalapandas roam, there lived a magical herd of creamy-colored, eyelash-fluttering llamacorns. Among them, Bo was the most adventurous. She loved her home—the sweet aroma of rosalias that traveled on a breeze, the swirly purple waves of the ocean and, of course, her loving llamacorn family.

Each day, she watched the scene off her cliffside hideaway, and imagined the far-away shores mermaidolphins visited or the inspired vistas eaglehawks viewed. She desperately yearned to explore distant lands. After the season of stardust showers had come and gone, her llamacorn fam gave Bo their blessing when she announced it was time for her to begin her journey. She set off the following morning.

One day in a shrubbery forest along her travels, Bo noticed a glow in the bed of a flowertree. The moment she stood on it, she slid all the way down what turned out to be the slippery peak of a towering rainbow! Just as suddenly, Bo magically sprouted sparkly silver wings, which she flapped vigorously until her freefall became a color-filled glide. Bo landed in a place that felt familiar but looked very different. The grass was as green as the cloud puffs of Unitely, and the trees looked more like broccolicelery. Beyond excited, Bo sensed she had made it to her first faraway adventure. She dusted herself off and realized her cream-colored fleece was magically and permanently stained the color of the rainbow! This filled Bo with such delight, her horn sparkled brilliantly for a heart-happy moment. Her wings folded into invisibility until she would need them again.

But it wasn’t long before Bo grew exhausted. The air in this mysterious land was much heavier than she was used to. Luckily, she sensed a familiar whiff of positivity in the air. As she traveled closer to the source, she was attracted by the colors inside. Friendly people greeted Bo at the door, welcoming her to the place called Justice.

To Bo’s amazement, the sweet vibes from everyone and everything at Justice created tiny bursts of stardust only visible to Bo. It was the same stardust that showered regularly on Unitely! Bo’s wings reappeared, and in a flourish she sprang through the sparkly clouds before they dissolved, absorbing all the goodness they had to offer. Her energy restored and her spirit lifted, Bo’s horn sparkled brilliantly.

When the people inside noticed Bo, their faces lit up. Her glittering shine lightened their moods, boosted positivity, sparked creativity, and inspired ideas. It filled everyone with the warmth of a hug, the encouragement of a bestie, and the love of close fam. People gathered and hugged Bo, enjoying the awesome feeling they felt from her presence.

When Bo learned that Justice locations dotted the land, her eyelashes fluttered in delight. She would travel this new world where the lure of positivity leads, and use Justice as refueling stations along her journey forevermore.