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5 Endangered Animals that Must Be Protected in Indonesia

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Hewan Langka dari Indonesa yang Harus Dilindungi

Has anyone ever visited a zoo? Did you realize that some of the animals kept in zoo cages are really considered endangered species?Animals that are hard to discover and in small numbers are considered endangered. Many of the native animals of Indonesia have died off. This is because human activities, such as poaching, forest fires, and the use of abundant natural resources for industrial purposes, have caused damage to the loss of animal homes, which are forests and other wild environment.The number of native species in Indonesia is dropping, and some of them are even listed as endangered due to the habitat loss, which makes it harder for animals to thrive.

3 Learning Styles, Which One Are You?

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Gaya Belajar Visual, Auditori, Kinestetik

Do you prefer to study while listening to music? Or do you prefer to learn by hands-on practice? Or maybe you like to learn while looking at pictures? The different answers that everyone agrees with indicate that everyone's learning style is different. So it's possible that your learning style and that of your friends may be different. The learning style itself is the most effective and most preferred way to capture stimulus or information, how to remember, think, and solve problems in the learning process.

5 Remaja Perempuan yang Terjun ke Dunia Teknologi

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5 Perempuan Muda yang Terjun ke Dunia Teknologi

Sebelum COVID-19 melanda Brasil, Nina harus menghabiskan waktu 6 jam naik bis setiap harinya untuk pergi ke sekolah. Untungnya selama pandemi, Nina punya waktu luang untuk bereksperimen.

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