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Why Do We Need to Respect and Understand the Opinions of Others?

Why Do We Need to Respect and Understand the Opinions of Others? 

From the title above, you, girls, will think that everyone must do this and understand it. Eits... don't get me wrong, girls. Even though everyone understands that other people's opinions need to be respected and understood, it isn't easy to do, and many people don't even realize it when they don't. 

The most obvious example that you can see is interaction on social media. Many people express their opinion on something, but if you look or scroll through the comments, you will find some things that hate comments, which leads to hate and cancels the person because of their opinion. 

This also happens because almost everyone thinks that their opinion or belief is the most correct, and the opinion of others is wrong. Not to mention their desire for others to agree with their opinion. This, of course, caused chaos, not even a little -let's be honest, have you ever been like this or not, girls?- evolved because of different opinions. 

Believe in free speech

This is a key thing you must understand to respect and understand other people's opinions truly. Believe that everyone has the freedom to express their opinion in public. Moreover, we live in a democratic country where everyone can freely express their opinion. 

Believe that all opinions have their point of view

Everyone has different experiences, points of view, and even ideologies. So, understand that the opinions they issue may result from their environment, their learning, and their ideology. So, it's no wonder that millions of people have different lives. Of course, the opinions they have will also be different, right? 


It would be best if you prioritized this attitude, girls, in respecting and understanding other people's opinions. We must be tolerant, especially in our multicultural country. Of course, tolerance must uphold this attitude. 

Be open 

Being open to new thoughts is one thing we must do when we want to respect and understand other people's opinions. Being open does not mean assuming your or their opinion is the absolute truth. This attitude will get used to so many differences. Instead of hating, you can actually embrace these different opinions. 

Seeing from the other person's point of view 

This is something that many people rarely do. When listening to other people's opinions, try to position yourself as if you are the person you are talking to. That way, you will understand how they finally wrote and expressed their opinion. 

Think for a moment before speaking/writing your opinion

Momentary emotions, besides causing regret, also make you unable to think logically. Therefore, if you are offended by an opinion, try to pause, take a breath, and think carefully before replying or expressing the opinion you have. 

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