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Warning Signs a Child Needs to be Taken to a Psychologist

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Parents occasionally place too much emphasis on their child's physical health and fail to recognize that children might also struggle with mental health issues. Children can be affected by mental health illnesses in addition to adult assaults. Mental health illnesses are more difficult to identify than physical health disorders, which can be distinguished from one another by changes in a child's body temperature or reaction to stimuli.Children frequently run into disagreement as they grow, either with us as parents or with their friends. Children experience sadness, anger, and sometimes depression as a result. As a result, parents need to be more understanding, and if their child has mental health issues, they need to take fast action. Then how to deal with mental disorders in children?Parents can take their kids to a psychologist to get therapy for their mental health issues as one option. But when precisely should parents bring their kids to a psychologist? The following warning signals indicate that a child needs to see a psychologist right away if they are having mental health issues.

Psychologist Reveals the Importance of Closeness of Father and Children

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The closeness between parents and children is essential for the growth and development of children. Mothers and fathers play a crucial role in building parent-child bonds. But unfortunately, the reality is that many fathers still find it challenging to involve themselves in the care of their children. So, what is the real reason why it is tough for a father to get close to his child? Busy workingIn general, mothers have more roles in the process of child care. Mothers who carry their children for nine months and breastfeed them have a more significant role than a father. According to Firman Ramdhani, M. PSI, a clinical psychologist at Brawijaya Hospital, due to the father's responsibility to provide for all the family's needs by working. This is also what makes the bond between father and son less strong. "It could be that the busyness and pressure of work make the interaction of a father and his children minimal. When he comes home from work, he no longer has the energy to play with his children, and even if he decides to play, he will not focus," said Firman. Wrong mindsetThe wrong mindset is also one of the reasons why fathers cannot be close to their children. Most fathers think that in parenting, the role he has to play does not have to be as big as that of a mother. This thought ultimately made the father a mere 'audience' and not a 'player' in the child's life. That wrong mindset must be eliminated because even though they have different tasks, the father's role is no less important than the role of the mother. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you, dads, take the initiative when involving yourself in the parenting process. "A father needs to make habits in interacting with children and have an education related to it. This will motivate fathers to be more involved in building closeness with their children," he said. If you want to be close again, even though you have made the mistakes above, here are some things you can do:

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